SEO Roadmap: Master SEO & Make Your First $1k

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Learn How To Get Any Website Onto The First Page of Google and Profit From The Free Exposure

SEO is not difficult. If you understand the fundamentals and how SEO works, you can charge premium prices — without doing much work.

Many digital agencies provided SEO, and promised results. And most of them done only little things to move the needle — because it's a skill set that can be learned by anyone!

In fact, the annual salary for average SEO is $60,400/year (, that's for the average SEO! The top earner makes up to $95,000 per year.

If you learn SEO the right way from the right people, it's an easy 6 figures income as a freelancer. That amount compounds if you use this skill to build multiple websites that will be cash-producing assets for you.

Let me show you the exact system that makes me thousands of dollars a month like clockwork.

I am Daniel JP, living and working in the land of Borneo.

Despite the lousy currency my country imposed on online businesses, I bring over 6-figures with client SEO projects that take me a few hours to execute.

And my systems have helped my clients sell hundreds of thousands of dollars using SEO as their main lead-generation marketing tool.

Imagine having a system that generates your income on auto-pilot while you're busying with your business — it's like having your own sales team working 24/7.

My portfolio of websites are ranking for different keywords on Google, not the ultra-competitive ones, but I can it's "lucrative"

And it's consistently generating 5 figures of sales for my customers, and they've spent almost nothing on marketing.. almost 100% profit!


They've invested SEO, and know the returns will come in later.

If you're interested in how I achieved this and wanted to learn how these work.. keep reading.

Introducing: SEO Roadmap — Master SEO and Make Your First $1k

A Proven Method to Understand The SEO Basics, How To Build Your SEO Empire, and Case Studies of Successful SEOs

The Fundamental Course Comes covers:

  1. What is SEO: what steps help content rank higher on Google?
  2. How Search Engine Works: Types of search engine and how it generally works
  3. SEO Basics: How to do your own SEO
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

What you'll discover:

  • Basic understanding of SEO, without getting too technical
  • How to get a brand new website rank in Google immediately
  • Whitehat vs Blackhat methods
  • Learn how SEO can benefit businesses in 2022
  • SEO is a high demand skill and how it makes you money
  • 13 examples of making side-income money from SEO as part-time
  • Different methods to make money with SEO, from beginner to expert level.

BONUS #1 - The Successful 'SEOs' List - How Much Does Successful SEOs Make?

There are players in the industry who are making a killing on the internet with the help of SEO. You will learn how they get started and what methods they used to achieve the income level that you've only dreamt of achieving.

BONUS #2 - Building Your SEO Empire - Methods to Make Money in SEO

Killer strategies to help you choose which types of SEO you'd like to become, and what sort of income you can expect to reach. We've provided a list of samples for you to choose from.

BONUS #3 - Recommended Tools and Resources

These are the tools we are using in our agency, highly recommend them.

What You'll Exactly Get

  • SEO Fundamentals: Master SEO in 30 minutes
  • [Case Studies] SEOs Who makes $10k+ per month
  • [Step-by-Step Guide] Make Money with SEO
  • Resources & Tools List

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  • Master SEO For Success: Learn SEO and Make Your First $1k — The Right Way!

  • SEO Fundamentals
    Master SEO in 30 minutes (69 pages)
  • FREE bonus eBook
    $10k/month SEOs [Case Studies]
  • FREE bonus eBook
    Make Money SEO [13 Methods]
  • FREE resource list
    Recommended Tools
  • Master SEO For Success: Learn SEO and Make Your First $1k — The Right Way!
  • SEO FundamentalsMaster SEO in 30 minutes (69 pages)
  • FREE bonus eBook$10k/month SEOs [Case Studies]
  • FREE bonus eBookMake Money SEO [13 Methods]
  • FREE resource listRecommended Tools
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SEO Roadmap: Master SEO & Make Your First $1k

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